Restraint has never been my strong suit. Frankly, excess is generally more my shtick. So, is it really any surprise that with the popularity of our Manos Block of the Month group, someone would put colors in front of me that just HAD to become a 20-block throw? Yes, I know. The original concept is for one of the 12-block throws, but given that bent for excess that I mentioned, few people are ever likely to call me small (and my utmost sympathy unto those who do).

The truth of it is that someone came in looking to put together a throw of their own. She didn’t want help (no, of course, not), but she hemmed and hawed with her hands in her pockets at the wall del Manos long enough that eventually, I happened by. Now, no one gets out alive where color and I are concerned, so I immediately grabbed a basket and started throwing skeins of yarn in, auditioning colors in the basket, considering, pulling another similar shade, trying its opposite, and making a pretty fair spectacle of trying things out. That’s my passive-agressive way of telling people to actually touch the yarn… you know you want to. Pull it out—see what looks good together.

Soon enough, she had the throw that she wanted, and I had a craving for a big-ass project that I have no time to knit. Grr…

My completed basket

We laid hers out and figured out the order they needed to be in for the final throw, decided which she would start off with, picked her first couple of skeins, and off she trotted to the register.

Me, I was left deciding on my own.

My final colourway

Dammit! I just hate finding something gorgeous that I don’t have time for. This, my Fair Isle kimono (that I’m not even going to be able to wear unless I start cross-dressing… and NO one wants to see that), that hunky little guy that smiled at me this morning at the post office… It’s hell, I tell you. Hell!


But I’m excited. My Design from the Ground Up class meets tonight, and several of us already have our schematics done and are actually going to get to start knitting tonight. Wish me luck! And them!

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