I’ve received numerous e-mails and in-person comments regarding my lack of upkeep on this blog. It’s all true, of course. To say I’ve been remiss in keeping Crowing Ram’s readers informed is akin to saying that Antarctica is chilly. Certainly, it’s not for lack of interest. I miss being here, and I genuinely enjoy interacting with you all.

I’ve spent much of the life of ThreadBear trading in one secret or another, though. We’ve always had something up our sleeve, and I’m the world’s worst at keeping secrets. So, I’ve just tried to keep my mouth shut entirely. It’s worked, at times, but I’ve suffered for it, and so has Crowing Ram.

By the way, T, I’m knitting with the Habu Textiles Silk Stainless Steel, too. By itself, no less. Funky stuff! WOW!

I’m going to attempt a different tack. My friend Theresa of Keyboard Biologist told me years ago on a visit to the old store in Columbus, Indiana that keeping my blog updated meant sitting down daily—or at least nearly so—and just writing what’s in my head… whatever is going on. I’ve often thought that what’s going on in my life behind the scenes at a busy yarn shop just wouldn’t be that interesting. In retrospect, I suppose that’s kind of short-sighted. I’ve been told frequently over the years that what is painfully mundane for me is of genuine interest to many of you. Finally, I stand corrected.

Here’s what’s up. My mom’s sick in Georgia, and I’m in Michigan. It sucks. I have a thriving business to run, I need to be here, and she understands and supports that—but not being there when she’s hurting… not being there for my sister while she’s doing so much… that sucks.

I’ve also got a book idea that’s absolutely awesome, and it’s gotten very little of my time over the last year. Yeah, the concept for my book was put together over a year ago. Guess how many patterns are completed and in the hands of test-knitters. If you guessed zero, you win the prize.

I have a challenging relationship with a partner that I love very much, and repeatedly, we find ourselves angry and disappointed with each other… after nine years of saying things are going to be worked on… things are going to get better.

Crowing Ram started as a means for me to connect with a set of friends from whom I was feeling deeply disconnected during those years that Rob and I spent in Bloomington, Indiana. You were my support and my confessor. Welcome back.

Today, I’d like to give you a little something to chew on. Over the last couple of weeks, there’s been a volcano brewing just beneath the surface of "me." Designs have been flashing through my mind, ideas for the business have flown, and ways of participating in life in ways I’d almost forgotten are becoming clear.

Keep an eye on the ThreadBear main site over the next week or so. There will definitely be some changes going on there. Keep an eye here for glimpses of patterns and swatches for patterns that are flying off the needles. And just keep an eye out on the horizon. Something big is brewing, and I, for one, am feeling the deep vibration of it.

Harley Davidson USA website

Or perhaps that’s just the sound of an engine… hm…

5 thoughts on “A Knitting Life Examined”

  1. Welcome back to blogging friend and your life is not ANYWHERE mundane – can’t wait to see ALL the changes and I get first dibs on the back of that motorycycle if that’s what’s on your horizon.

  2. If you’re going to turn the yarn shop into a Harley dealership, I for one will not be happy.

    (But if you get a Harley, have fun! My brother and uncle both have some. And uncle named his dog Harley . . .)

  3. Release those Volcanos!!!!!!! We love reading your blog-even on those “mundane” days. Everyone needs some of those or we would collapse from exhaustion.

  4. How lucky for you to have a Mom who knows you care even across long distances and who supports what you are doing. I hope her health improves.

    Blogging is also a nice way to explore some of those interesting thoughts. The writing process always helps me sort through things and often helps me realize that what I thought was bothering me really wasn’t — and gets me on the right track to sorting through what I really need to be thinking about.

    I’ve been enjoying, slowly, the Habu stainless steel & silk. Interesting stuff since it can retain some of it’s shape. Makes me wonder what it would be like in a felted bag that needs some more structure….

    Good luck with whatever creative direction thoughts you’re having!

  5. Matt, it is really good to have your blogs – nothing at all mundane about your life. I do want to empathize with the situation involvong your mother. I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago – my mother was in MI and I was (still am 🙁 in AZ. It was tough and I flew home to be with her and to help my brother who was responsible for seeing to her care 7 times in one year. We do somehow get through these things. Just know that there are people out here in spirit with you.

    Lindy (Aguila, AZ)

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