I won’t lie about it. I’m a geek from the word “GO.” I love Sci-Fi, animation, crossword puzzles, reading, Beltane (and really, what self-respecting hedonist can’t get into Beltane?), Star Trek (Enterprise, but not DS9—yeah, I’m a geek, but there are limits), finishing, swatching, and of course, Harry Potter. “What?!?” you ask. “Harry Potter isn’t just for geeks!”

No, of course not. Harry Potter is for all of the really cool people. And if you’ve ever been called a geek, then you probably realize that geeks generally are some of the world’s coolest people. We not be the most popular. We may not even be the smoothest. But we really are cool. Think Farmer Ted, people. Cool is just cool. (Screw it, everybody knows I’m really thinking Jake Ryan, but you see what I mean, no?)

But have you taken the quiz? I have.

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

Yeah, we’re geeked—excuse the pun—over Harry. We’ve got one of our model knitters crankin’ out the house colors hat, mittens, and scarves from the Charmed Knits book by Alison Hansel. You haven’t heard? Get with the program, people! There’s a m**f** Knit-Along! (With all apologies to Daniel Vosovic.)

The book

Baskets of yarn sporting house colors in various yarns

EEK!! Slytherin!

Other projects from the book
Images photographed from Charmed Knits by Alison Hansel

3 thoughts on “POTTER!”

  1. yet another hufflepuff here — I guess knitters are Good People!

    The first time we see Mrs. Weasley (first movie? second?) she has an amazing crocheted (I think) shawl or poncho on. I’ll have to freeze-frame it.

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