You know, it may actually have been a sound theory, but it’s been H-E-double-hockey-sticks putting it into practice. In my last post, I vowed to post three times a week come Hell or high water, and that was a week ago yesterday. Can you spell wishful thinking? I thought you could.

This time of year is especially busy for us. Rob and I participate—or rather ThreadBear participates—in the annual Broadripple Arts Fair in Indianapolis on Mother’s Day weekend, and this year, Rob’s been making felted goods for months in preparation. I, as the finisher of said goods, have been unfortunately slack while I’ve been working on other things. (By the way, if you’re in Indy this weekend, stop by and see us in the Basile Gallery Gift Shop booth.)

Those of you with faint hearts, look away. Mother’s Day Weekend is now four days away.

Oh, yes, I’ve started work on the bags, hats, and clogs that need to be brushed, fluffed, shaved, sorted, tagged, priced, and packed up for shipping, but there’s still plenty to do. On top of that, though, we have functions four of the five nights this week, Koigu that came in week before last still hasn’t been updated online, Noro came in yesterday that needs to go up, Cascade’s coming in today, and we’ve got both BairIsle and Market Bag colorways for upcoming knit-alongs and classes that haven’t been posted yet.

I’m going to be a very sleepy boy come Monday.

You know what, though? I couldn’t ask for a better life. I hope you all know how absolutely incredible it has been working with so many of you on projects, color, yarn selection, wheel orders, etc. I don’t know about other businesses, but we’ve got the most amazingly wonderful clientele. Everyone is so creative, and it truly delights me to see new messages pop up in my Inbox.

Well, except right now. Right now, I’m feeling painfully guilty for not having all of these colorways out. So, I’ll cut this short. If you’re waiting on something, know that I’m on it. If you need a time estimate, drop me a line. I’m trying to clear my calendar of client jobs by the end of the week. It may not happen, but know that I’m going to be busting hump to try.

Have a great day, folks.

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