Monday, I posted a survey asking where women interact.  It’s an informal thing, but I’m curious.  I had a belief based on anecdotal evidence, and no one really seemed to disagree dramatically.  I’d been led to believe that women didn’t spend a lot of time socializing outside work and home, and while my point was certainly not proven, the survey suggested that, of the respondents, most interact with other women primarily at work (17% of the 126 respondents… and no, at that number, I can draw no real assumptions).  10% responded that their primary social outlets were in their own, friends’, or family’s homes.  That seemed to compare as expected against the work numbers.

I may have botched the numbers significantly with two similar responces:  Regularly scheduled needle- or fiber-arts social group (12%) and Needle- or fiber-arts guild meeting (7%).  I intended these to be separate things, but on second reading, I can see how they’d overlap.  It’s a significant number, though, regardless.  The two combined would overwhelm the leading work response.  And 8% listed a local yarn shop as their social outlet of choice.

6% Children’s school, sporting, or artistic events
6% Dining out
5% Non-fiber-related club or organization meeting
5% Theater or cinema outings
4% Yarn shop to which you travel more than a half-hour
4% Place of worship
4% Bookstore
3% Gym or exercise
3% Other answer…
2% Charitable work
2% Bar, pub, or nightclub
2% Bridge or other gaming group
1% Shopping
1% School (as a student)

Responses for Other include:  on a walk, regularly scheduled non-needle- or fiber- group, coffee shop, and, of course, all of the above.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think these numbers reasonable reflect where women get their social interacting done?  Is it happening more frequently online now?  Am I missing anything obvious?  I’m genuinely interested in this being a dialogue.  Please, jump in.

Quick side note:  I’m really glad to see that the bridge or gaming group got some votes.  As a board and card game enthusiast myself, I sometimes feel like a dying breed.

8 thoughts on “Women’s Interaction Survey”

  1. We always did a lot with neighbors when our boys were young. Great parties!! Now those old neighbors have become great friends. With the current economy we are back to pot lucks at homes of friends. We bring our knitting and bead making stuff and have a ball. Pubs come in a close second. 🙂

  2. In my very tiny town, the post office is a great meeting place. Most of us have no mail delivery, so go there at least once daily. Of course, this includes men, but we don’t discriminate .

  3. Being a woman with many working friends, we grab some time at quick lunches a lot. Also, “groups” like a knitting group that meets once a week (I’m the token minority crocheter in the group), and a book group that meets once a month–those are important to me, a big part of what I find enjoyable in my routine. I also find I meet some people I really enjoy in adult education classes that I take at my temple, the local colleges, public education, etc.

  4. I realize that other knit groups, spending time at kid’s sporting events or church, my contact is limited to telephone time with friends. I have many good friends that I do not actually see often, but speak to on the phone to stay in touch. I think your results may be tipped a bit to the knit groups as so many of your readers DO knit.

  5. Interesting to stumble across this, as I’ve been thinking a bit lately about men’s sociability. I work from home, so most of my “water cooler” interactions are electronic. I really value the social media. I also do find that in a typical day, I connect with other parents at school, sports, playdates, etc. Also, I walk places and do make efforts to connect with neighbors. I think women do tend to belong to more “clubs” — book groups, knitting groups, game nights, PTA, etc. than men. My husband, who works out of the house, does see co-workers throughout the day, but depending on the workplace, there may be less true connection. E.g. people you’d go out to lunch with or invite to your house. Reminds me of a book from a while back called _Bowling Alone_.

  6. I go to lunch with friends most often. I have a regular Tuesday friend and a regular Wednesday friend. Other days depend on who is around and can meet up. I work nights and weekends but I can start my day well.

    I do get to large organized groups but they are so distracting that I don’t do much real connecting at them. It’s fun to wave at someone across the room but there are too many folks in one place to “do relationship.” And when I’m at a yarn shop I’m usually working, so there isn’t a lot of connection time unless I stay late after class is done.

    Missed your poll, but I think I’m unusual. I think that being childless and self-employed does make me different than other folks.

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