I’ve frequently suffered from hoof-in-mouth disease.  I say the wrong thing at the wrong time in the presence of the wrong person, and thankfully, I get politely called on it.  Recently, I made the comment that many women over thirty have few social outlets.  It wasn’t intended to be pejorative, and I definitely didn’t mean any offense.  I’ve just been told repeatedly by staff, customers, and friends, that there’s no place in the lives of women like a yarn shop in terms of a place to interact socially with other women.

Now, to be frank, I probably wouldn’t have made such a comment prior to operating a yarn shop for several years, but I’ve got to say that this is something that I’ve heard a lot… from numerous unrelated sources.  I’m not trying to prove anyone wrong.  I’m just curious.  Where do women interact?  If I’ve not offered your best response, please, leave a comment.

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8 thoughts on “Social Interaction and knitting”

  1. I think one big caveat is that a lot of these interactions come with “roles” – “concerned and involved parent”, “diligent and reliable co-worker”, etc. I am lucky to have a nice group of friends here that allow me to be me outside of those roles.

  2. Since the baby was born, I’ve not had a chance to socialize much at all. But now people either come to my house for a visit or I head to a friends house. Before she was born, I socialized all over the place. Maternity leave right before she was born was the best! I had time off and freedom to explore it before the baby came. Now she’s my world but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    1. AH!! Gail! She’s precious. I’m presuming that she’s the sassy headbanded diva on the end of the sofa. Congratulations. (I’m a recent new great uncle again myself. I’ll have to share pics soon.)

      Your comments seem very similar to what I’ve heard. Perhaps it’s more moms not getting out than women in general.

  3. I think it is very perceptive of you. I have found, that the older I get, the more difficult it is to make and keep friendships. Everybody was my friend when I was younger, and a lot of them were weirdos. Now that I have sifted out the weirdos, I have less people to hang around with. 🙂

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