There’s a proverbial “ancient Chinese curse” whose age and place of origin I cannot verify. It’s a wish that one live in interesting times. These are they.

Leaving my job and relationship was difficult, and certainly not having an income is scary as hell. That’s not to oddest part, though. What’s truly interesting is my own lack of… well, direction. Obviously, I’m sending out resumes and filling out applications. I’m also working to develop the contacts I would need to start my own web design and development business. I’m also brushing up on a lot of the technical skills that I’ve let atrophy a bit while working in a retail environment.

I even attended the Michigan Works Job Fair yesterday at Lansing Center. I had to scramble a bit because I’ve worn business casual or just plain casual for most of the last eight years, and as incredible as it must seem, I’ve put on a pound or two since I last purchased business attire. I got my hair cut, took out my earrings, got—in the lexicon of my youth—purty, and headed to town. I did make a few wonderful contacts, and I’m genuinely excited about the prospects of a couple.

That said, there was an awful lot of recruitment for positions for which I simply have too many teeth. If you’re a meth head and are reading my blog, when you’re going for a job interview, you should really consider soap. Your Sunday jeans might also be a good idea. And if at all possible, delouse. Oh, and stop reading my blog. Ew.

What’s blowing me away, though, is how much time there is in a day. What on earth are you supposed to do with it all? I mean… I’m using it to try to find a job, of course, but after all of the running around and spending hours on Monster and Career Builder and Dice and Thingamajob and every business’ website who, when I visited them in person, said, “you should visit our website,” I’m left to walk the dogs, fix myself some lunch, and figure out which other thousand sites to visit that afternoon. Seriously.

Fortunately, I really am in good spirits. It’s been sunny, and there’s been considerable promise—at least from retail businesses—in terms of looking for Christmas help in the next few weeks. I’m also amazed at the number of jobs for which I actually am qualified. I haven’t gotten any callbacks, yet, but I’m hopeful.

Knitting? Now that’s another story. I’ve not knit a stitch in weeks. I have had several ideas, though, so once I am again gainfully employed, I’ll be very happy to get my fingers dirty with a little design work. In the meantime, the pups are good, Rob and I are figuring out how we intend to cohabit, and I’m actually feeling very purposeful. Interesting, no?

7 thoughts on “And on…”

  1. You have so been in my thoughts and prayers. I know things will be sunshine and roses for you, you are just that kind of person. Where God closes a door He opens a window. I hang my hat on that adage. cancer 3 times, I kinda have too! Really if you want to take a road trip to check out Port Huron; you so have a place to stop and rest. I miss ya!

    Live laugh and love your knitting and down time!

  2. I’ve had lots of spaces in my life where I, ultimately, have had to provide my own structure to the day. So this is based on what I’ve done — and what I wish I had done — 1. get up, get dressed, etc. at a reasonable hour and leave the house. even if it’s to stroll to a nearby coffee shop to read the news (or take the computer and check the emails). 2. do the things you’ve never had time for: bake bread, plant a garden, learn to cook indian food. 3. take a class. learn sculpture or chinese or multi-variable calculus… i know you can take all kinds of stuff through continuing ed at the local colleges here; pretty cheap and not a huge commitment. 4. organize “field trips”. when i lived in a new city and didn’t know anyone, i’d deliberately do my grocery shopping in different neighborhoods. interesting to see who lived there and what they stocked. figuring out what to do with what you bring home provides added structure to the rest of the day.

    anyway, all this by way of saying take care of yourself and take advantage of the unexpected opportunities. the rest will fall into place, i hope!

  3. Hey there Matt, you good looking dude you…. Miss you so much! I finished Fromage’s slinky rib sweater and it looks great on her, you were spot on with the color selection. I am sending lots of good prayers and thoughts your way. You will find your place in this upside down world soon. Love and miss you tons…. Laura… AKA – “the Stanley Cup”

  4. Matty! I love and miss you. Take care of yourself. I hope to see you soon. You have my love and support always!!!

  5. Oh, Matt. I just found out you are not at Threadbear. I am so sad that I can’t visit with you when I’m in Lansing. You are the best and will surely land on your feet (and 8 paws). So how will I get to see you?? Want to move to Ann Arbor?

  6. Hi Matt,

    Just catching up on blogs to find that you are no longer with / at ThreadBear. I had no idea. You were one of my favorite reasons for stopping by so I am a little sad. I hope you are finding the structure you were looking for, a job and a place of your own. There is a cute little house off Willow if you are still looking. Have no idea what it is like inside, but the neighbors are pretty nice. Let me know if you want more info.

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