hush hush, sweet charlotte

Wow! You guys really liked the Charlotte’s colorways. Thanks for all the compliments. How’s this? When I have one handy that I know isn’t spoken for, I’ll just post it. If anyone wants it, be the first to write or call, and it’s yours. I won’t promise to recreate any of them (a: I don’t like sending two Charlottes out into the world just alike, and b: if you go to the trouble of knitting one of these spectacular creations, it should be the only one of its kind), but I’m glad to pack up the ones I have to be adopted out to a happy home.

Here’s today’s beauty. I misread an e-mail for someone asking for a Carousel colorway for her daughter and put together a couple of Charlottes instead. The colorway is (from left to right): P608(234L), P624(81), P148(no dye lot listed), P621(98), and P622(19).

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