Thanks to everyone who’s touched base to see how things are going in Georgia. I’m fine and am currently looking for work.

My mom’s chemo continues, but the first drug showed little success, so they switched her to a more aggressive drug a couple of weeks ago. She’ll likely lose her hair over the next week or so, but after multiple recurrences when she didn’t lose her hair, she’s okay with it now. We’ve been wig, hat, and scarf shopping, and she’s having fun with it as much as she can. All in all, Mary remains herself. She’s grateful for what she has and hopeful for the future.

As for the dogs, I boarded them with a friend outside town while I’m been at my mom’s. They had cats, chickens, and another dog to play with and were quite comfortable. Tate remains happy and healthy, but I’m afraid that Busby got out a few weeks ago and followed his nose into the night. I’ve put out flyers, notices, and everything, but I’ve heard nothing for nearly a month, now. He is chipped, so there is still hope, but I’ve almost resigned myself to the idea that he’s found a new home with someone who will love and care for him… almost. I know myself well enough to know that I’ll continue to look, call, and check in with places that might have word of him, but out in the country where he was, it’s likely that someone would simply have taken him in without much of a thought. As we all know, he’s a sweet, sweet dog.

10 thoughts on “Matt, Mom, Dogs and more”

  1. Hey — have you changed your address with the chip co?? That way they can find you in case someone does have him checked! J

  2. Hi Matt,
    So good to know what you are up to. Miss you and hope you are finding some peace and happiness or at least some direction. Hope you are getting some sunshine down there. RuthAnn

  3. A wandering spirit, indeed. I have updated the information with his chip monitor, but I’ve yet to hear anything. As for sunshine… Whoooo… You guys would be SO jealous.

  4. Glad you posted. Miss you, and hope things continue to get better for you. As I think I said before, I think you have done a very brave thing. Things will work out for you.

    Since you are now in their ever expanding geography, I wonder if SCAD would have some form of work for you…

  5. Miss you, miss you, miss you!!!!! It is so very good to finally hear from you, and to get an update on your mom. Lots of good thoughts and prayers to you both. Will be coming down Alabama, Georgia and Florida way in July. – Suzanne

  6. Glad to hear some news from you. There are so many prayers being said in Lansing for your Mom. She made many friends here, as did you. I remember walking this very path with my Mom and I am so glad I spent that time with her. We found the wigs were good for going out, but she preferred the scarf at home, so we found some really nice soft ones. As for Busby, he has a case of “on the road again”. I am positive he found the next kind soul to love him. Stay well, Matt!

  7. Good to hear from you. I miss you so much!! You and your mom are in my thoughts often. That dang Busby. What a naughty dog. You may want to post him on PetFinders. That’s how Charlotte got her dog back. (There are days that I not so sure she’s happy about it…he’s a naughty boy too.)

    I’m still knitting and doing rather well at it. I wish I could knit with you, but I totally understand and will hope to see you again some day.

  8. I am happy you are doing well down in Georgia with your Mom. As far as me, I don’t think the shop will be the same without you. What sort of work are you looking for? I am sure you’ll find more opportunities for work in Georgia than here in Michigan. The best to you always, Hope

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