Sunrise over the Grand River in Lansing's Old Town neighborhood
Sunrise over the Grand River in Lansing’s Old Town neighborhood

My view from the sofa is of the sun rising over the Grand River in Lansing’s Old Town neighborhood. K. D. Lang is crooning Save Me on XM Radio, and I’ve got a nice, hot café mocha with a shot of orange syrup sitting beside me. Rob and the dogs are still sleeping peacefully upstairs, but I just got in from running Franklin Habit to the train station after another wonderful visit. He was at ThreadBear over the weekend teaching Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Tomten Jacket and signing copies of his book of cartoons and essays, It Itches, but it’s always just nice to have him here. Watching him go is a bit like saying goodbye to family.

Obviously, with Franklin here, the shop was a delightful madhouse all weekend, so I only got as much knitting time as was left over at the end of our long days, but I’m almost up to the cap on sleeve two of the barn coat. If there’s time this morning, I may finish that off and have a new coat by the end of the day.

I’ve also got some photos for you. Those will have to come later in the day, but I have shots from the weekend with Franklin as well as the shots of the living room that I promised my Mom at the end of last week. I haven’t forgotten her projects, either. It’s off to work on this end, folks. Have a great week!

My cozy little morning nook
My cozy little morning nook

Sleeve two of my barn coat
Sleeve two of my barn coat

2 thoughts on “Good morning”

  1. hi Matt: you always write so poetically. i love your first paragraph. your lamp would fit in just perfectly in my family room….i really admire it. we are all waiting to see your coat finished. the view out your window is a romantic view. pretty soon you and i will be one year older. i want presents all month long…i tell my family.

    i want to make a Penny straker sweater for myself. what yarn should i use? it calls for worsted and i would like to make it authentic looking(????)hmmmm. jo

  2. I was looking at the post on tubular socks! What genious! I have a bag of Noro sock yarn scraps, and have been knitting a sock with them, working five rounds from one ball and five rounds from another. I could just knit a l-o-n-g tube until I run out of yarn, work a toe on each end, etc. Why didn’t I think of this?

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