Our good friend, Honnay, has expressed interest
in starting a ThreadBear group at Ravelry (which I’ve just recently
gotten into, by the way, and boy, are my arms tired). However,
she needs a snappy name for said group.
My initial thoughts:

  • ThreadBearers
  • Bearin’ it All
  • BearSpray
  • Knitting in the Woods: Bears Will Be Bears
  • Great Big Honkin’ ThreadBear Group
  • Ursa Major
I’m dyin’ here.

7 thoughts on “Ravelicious”

  1. Gee Matt–Nothing’s jumping out at me. I like “Bearin’It All” best. My wheels are turning–but I’m not coming up with anything for you.
    I love Ravelry! Are you Crowing Ram there?

  2. My creative brain is not functioning. I like Threadbarers. What about Threadbaring Your Soul. Nah…see…not working. Whatever you come up, I’ll join.

  3. Hey! I’m in, whatever it gets named. 🙂
    How about Thready Bears? With a catchy cub-title? (LOL that should be Sub-title…)

  4. I just caved the other day and signed up for Ravelry. A few behind me and a gazzilion in front of me says the status report 🙂
    I kinda like the Threadbearers
    and I like the suggested Thready Bears

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