Harley Davidson FXCWC Rocker C

As much as I’d like to say, yes… no, I’ve not gotten a new motorcycle. It is lovely, though, isn’t it? Brooding, yet full of the potential for noise and movement. It’s easy to see why these spectacular machines are so popular.

Realistically, though, I run a yarn shop, and the overwhelming majority of our income goes right back into the business. *evil grin* But not all.

Raleigh Passage 4.0 Hybrid… in Green

I spent the morning with this bad boy under me riding Lansing’s Riverwalk. Um… if you haven’t been on a nice bike lately, you really should consider it. I had the most wonderful ride. The wind was in my face, the morning air was cool but sunny, and the views (despite the low level of the Grand River at the moment) were spectacular. And that was nothing to how good it felt… to be out… knowing that you’re doing something pleasurable that is also very, very good for you. I’d forgotten what that endorphin buzz could do for you. I like it.

As of today, I am thirty-eight years old, and I am morbidly obese. That’s the medical term for it. I’m so overweight that it could literally kill me. No, I’m not going on a crash diet. No, I’m not having liposuction or joining a cult. What I am doing is getting things under control. ThreadBear is a big boy, anymore, and while it still needs constant supervision, it doesn’t need every moment of our time and energy. And we… I, in particular, need to spend some real time getting life back in order.

Exercise, certainly, is one of the things that I’m doing. I’m also putting a significant focus back into my teaching. I won’t be teaching every other day, but I think I can reasonably dedicate a little more time to being "in the classroom." I’m also hoping to spend a little more time in the kitchen, so keep an eye out for good recipes or places to find them. And, of course, I’ll be reading.

Most of all, though, I’m pointing my rocket toward design. I’ve had several designs in my head or in the drawing or swatching stage for too long. That’s about to end. And it will end, very specifically, with this:

Schematic for Bad Ass Baby

This is the rough schematic for a plush baby biker’s jacket… for the biker-to-be with a very understanding old lady. 😉 The pattern is forthcoming, but the yarn arrived today, and I’ll be casting on tonight for the prototype.

Now, does anyone know where to get very tiny chains?

9 thoughts on “Hogs”

  1. I will keep my eye out for baby chains! Can’t wait to see the design. Thanks for all the help and inspiration….it’s only 3am and I have about 1/3 of a sleeve knitted!

  2. Good for you Matt! I love bike riding, and haven’t been doing nearly enough of it this summer. But I’ve found that doing any sort of exercise in the gym helps out my mental health just as much as my physical health.

    Sure wish I could get up that way to see all ya’all.


  3. amiwjyGo to your local hardware store (or if you don’t have one, Home Depot or Lowes will do). They all sell chain by the in, ft, yd… in link sizes from “tiny” to “big enough to leash a dragon”, in various finishes too (steel, brass, etc). Can you tell I love hardware stores? Love your new bike. I have an old Schwinn cruiser that I love but it is in dire need of a tune up so I can get it on the road. (And my sister drives a turquoise Harley!)

  4. Glad someone else had an idea for chains – I hadn’t a clue 🙂 Wanted to share a website with healthy recipes – we’ve tried several recipes so far, easy and good. http://www.eatingwell.com

    Good for you for making the decision to change things 🙂

  5. Good for you Matt. I am trying the get healthy thing right now too, I hope it sticks, 3 weeks into it so far and still going strong. I used the chain from eye glass holders, got it at the drug store. But the hard ware stote would be a great idea.

  6. Love the name for your new pattern!!!
    It is wonderful that you are putting yourself as a priority!! I too put exercize at too low a priority and even though everyday I tell myself”Today you will find time for yourself and walk” too often I end up not walking. I will use you as my inspriration!!!!!

  7. Ohhh, that path is one of the things I miss most about living in the Lansing area. Riding past the zoo and the fish ladder were my favorite parts. I wish you many hours of enjoyment on that bad-a$$ bike. Happy trails!

  8. Good for you for getting on the bike. When you reach your goal, maybe you could reward yourself with a Harley (even a weekend rental).

    I took a class with Jean Moss and she said that you could buy small chains in good fabric stores. They are the flat type and are sewn into the bottom of a jacket along the back to weight it down slightly.

    Looking forward to the pattern!

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