If you’re waiting for the forthcoming diatribe, it isn’t. There’s no big issue. There’s a small one, I suppose, but that’s just that I’ve not been able to get the RSS feed to work on either Rob’s or my site except through Bloglines, and I’ve had friends telling me to move to Movable Type since before we left Indiana. I’m game… despite the fact that this is the second writing of this blog post since the first one was eaten by the Moveable Type posting interface. This one’s being written in a text editor; Rob would be so proud. So no, there’s no real drama. I’m fine, Rob’s fine, the dogs are fine, ThreadBear’s fine, and as far as I know everyone at Blogger is fine. Alice just doesn’t live there anymore.

Life is definitely taking some interesting changes, though. I realized recently that in the monstrous yet portable knitting basket that serves as one of my two purses (the other is for books and electronics) I currently have six sock projects on the needles. Where’s Susan Powter? I’ve also committed to designing twenty-five—and hopefully knitting several—garments for a book for which I will also need to come up with a little expositive content. And then there’s ThreadBear. Show of hands. How many people out there work six days a week every week, work a minimum of eleven hours five of those days, and have not as yet worked your way to the top of the nearest clock tower with a semi-automatic high-powered firearm and engaged in a little creative Darwinism?

Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. Seriously, I really love my job. I can honestly say that I have seldom garnered the level of satisfaction and sense of true accomplishment that I have at ThreadBear. That said, I’d genuinely love to pull a little Vulcan Mind Meld on the next person who has the unmitigated lack of foresight to suggest that they’d love to open a yarn shop so that they could sit and knit all day. The drool running down their chin alone would be worth the memory of the image of Kim Catrall with a black bob. Sabot, she said. Sister, don’t I know.

Realistically, though, I have been making some fairly sharp alterations in my lifecourse. Rob and I are getting along famously, I spent much of one recent day off in the masturbatory fantasy of would-be anal-retentives everywhere—the Franklin Covey Store—finally getting my 2007 planner updated, and oh, joy of geeky joy, I’m the proud owner of a new HP Pavilion laptop complete with Windows Vista; and in five whole days, I’ve yet to see a blue screen of death. (And if you think I didn’t just knock wood, you’ve lost your frickin’ mind.)

So things are well. Expect the new template to be up within the next few days. I’m not rushing it. I’ll have a link to the archives up soon, too.

For the time being, just send me good vibes. I’ll be doing the same for all of you.

Much love,

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