Just as most of my in-person customers are used to me occasionally redesigning the layout of the retail store, so too are many of ThreadBear’s long-term mail order customers used to the idea that occasionally the website gets a nice little nip and tuck. Well, if you hadn’t already noticed, there’s been a little nipping and tucking going on behind the scenes for a while, now. The PATTERNS area was updated a month or so ago, for instance, and as of the latest book from Colinette, Parisienne Luxury Mohair, the way that I’m presenting pattern books has changed… hopefully for the better.

The last week, though, has mostly been dedicated to updating the look and feel of the front page of the site. Much of the information remains the same, and of course, there are likely to be any number of tweaks over the next few weeks, but for now, it’s done, and it’s up! Happy Shopping!

New front page, ThreadBear Fiber Arts Studio.

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