For those of you who don’t know, I spend a large percentage of my time knee deep in Photoshop. I got the new Colinette Firecracker online yesterday, so I’ve been working today to get the new Rio de la Plata yarns scanned and online. They’ve got tons of colors, and unfortunately, they don’t offer the option of pulling images (with permission, of course) from their site since they don’t have one, yet.

My desktop tonight as I prepare to leave the office

I taught a Basic Knit Hat class this evening using Nancy Lindberg’s Hats that Fit and More Hats that Fit patterns, though, and most of the participants left the shop with finished hats, so I do feel like I got a little closure on the day.

Thanks to everyone who’s welcomed me back. It’s good to see you all again.

Much love,

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