No, there won’t be any really bad images of Nicholas Cage in obesity appliances. This post is really about change. Rob and I have had several long talks about the issues I have with my current color consultation backlog. In an effort to ameliorate that somewhat, he’s been posting Charlotte’s Web colorways to Black Dog for anyone who doesn’t want to wait or can find something among the offerings that would suit their needs without waiting for a custom consultation.

First off, don’t read too much into this. We do want to continue to offer our color consultation service to those who need it, and we have no intention of starting to charge for the service. We do, however, want to relieve some of the pressure that has built up on that queue due to my own lack of attention to it with all of the other concerns that I’ve had to deal with in regards to our physical location, in-person customers that need our attention, and the general goings-on of the business that has grown up around us.

What we are going to start doing, though, is move the Charlotte’s Web Shawl kits off Black Dog and put them on their own page on our business site. Hopefully, it will free up some space at Black Dog for other things, allow folks interested in preset kits to find them more quickly, and help to reduce my consultation queue to those folks who are in more specific need of color help. For now, we’ve got an Up Close page up for the project, and I’m going to try to get the next batch of kits up there instead of Black Dog.

In the meantime, visit the Up Close: Charlotte’s Web Shawl page at ThreadBear and let us know what you think of the idea. Believe it or not, we really do appreciate the criticism positive or negative as long as it’s constructive.

Much love, people!

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