separate but equal

Ok, Ok. If Rob can post Precious Moments™ sweet pictures of my dog on his blog, I feel it fitting that I should be able to post at least one pic of his dog on my blog.

I’ll just go ahead and apologize to Mags. Rob was showing someone the Bags by Mags trunk show off to someone earlier this afternoon, and when we walked back by the chair a little later, this is what we found. No, she’s not spoiled or anything. Not to worry, though, Mags. This is prior to the reconditioning that we promised. They’ll be spic and span in no time.

Also, thanks very much to Alanna and the folks that e-mailed me about orders. It’s been a hellishly busy day here at the shop, but I got your e-mail and plan to get back to you pronto.

AH! I haven’t forgotten, either, that I’m still working out a new colorway for Teresa of One More Row and Another Latte for the ThreadyBear sweater that she’s going to be test-knitting for me. Again, It’s still on my radar, but I’ve just not been able to make it a priority over orders and yarn reps.

Speaking of yarn reps, I’m sure you’ve heard if you pay any attention to Rob’s blog that we’re looking at Rowan. My two cents? I love the yarn, and I really do hope that Rowan will realize that we really aren’t deep discounters and won’t try to tell us that we can’t carry their yarns if we’re going to do our standard 10% pricing on their yarns. I certainly understand their policy, but I also know of a lot of places that cut more off their prices more often than we do that DO carry their yarns. Hell, if price alone were the issue, you’d wonder why they don’t have an issue with UK sites selling the yarn for what is their normal retail but is somewhere around US wholesale prices. The Internet is worldwide, after all, so who do they think we’re competing with? We just have nice moderate US pricing all of the time instead of deep discounts occasionally. Grr… It really irks me, but that’s life. I just wish there were a few less policies and a few more people interested in finding out what their customers actually need.

In the real world, though, business is still booming, and I’m trying to get quotes on places to move the business. I’m not sure that I haven’t lost my mind, but I looked at a place yesterday that was sixteen thousand square feet. Sadly, I’ve already figured out exactly how to use every square inch of it. Go figure.

Much love, folks.

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