Yes, it’s been almost another whole week since I had last sat down and wrote. Actually there are still about twenty other things (dramatic underestimate) that I need to be doing, but I absolutely can’t let Teresa, C, and Denise’s visit go without comment. We all had a wonderful time, it was really great being able to put some faces and real personalities with the idea that comes through online, and the visit was just entirely too short. They really made me long for the days when Rob and I could just pick up at a moment’s notice and bound off on yarn cruises of our own without a care in the world except getting home in time for the Corndog’s evening meal. I’m thinking that maybe Denise and I need to be planning a housewarming for Teresa and C. Sneaky-sneaky!! Oh, and just so you know, the Divine and Highly Elusive Miss C does not, in fact, have horns or a third eye. She’s beautiful… as were all of our weekend guests. Thank you so much for making the trip ladies. I cannot begin to tell you how much fun it was to have you here, and though I’d never wish away business—knock wood, I only wish we could have had more time to just hang out with you guys. We’ll have to get together again, soon.

As for knitting, well, one Aslan Sock is in the cuff. The Christmas stocking is in the cuff. I got about a half inch of the Philosopher’s knit. Umm… I think that’s it. Pics soon. Otherwise, happy knittin’, y’all!

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