Yes, I’ve been slack in blogging for the last week, but the chaos appears to be subsiding… somewhat. For now, let’s review where I am. I’ve gotten a few more inches on the Philosopher’s sweater. I’ve started the Asymmetrical Vest from Sally Melville’s latest book, The Knitting Experience. I wound up ripping the toe-up sock in purple and green Koigu that I started, so I’m back to ground zero on that one. In all, I suppose that I’ve put everything on hold except the Philosopher’s sweater and the Asymmetrical Vest. The sock will have to come back soon, though.

Why the focusing on a few projects? Three jobs. I’ve still got my full time job for benefits. Aside from that, I’ve started a web development business that I’m hoping will take me out of the full time job so that I can focus more time on… tada, the third business, ThreadBear. Before I get flamed (at home, moreso than by readers), that order only describes the sequence of the telling—not importance.

Pending projects

Next on my list, I want to finish up the High Helen sweater. It’s a very simple sweater, and it’s nearly complete, so to leave it on the sidelines this long simply doesn’t make sense. I’m a ba-a-a-a-ad boy.

Second, I want to begin the S.W.A.K. Intarsia Workshop. I started it once before and never finished it, but I really want to do some Intarsia design and think the sampler is a great way to learn some pretty nifty winding techniques for achieving flat Intarsia. (By the way, I’d always seen Intarsia capitalized, but recently I’ve seen it several times without the capitalization. Which is right and why? I’d really like to know.)

Finally, I’ve got to work on a pair of toe-up socks. I suggested a pair for our local sock group, Sock-It-To-Me, and now I’ve set me own aside. Ba-a-a-a-ad boy. Bad-bad boy.

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