Ok. I know it’s silly, but I like numbers, and It’s not everyday you get a fun date like that. Happy New Year, folks.

But back to knitting. I’ve got to get some images up here of my finished projects. Rob’s socks look great, and I’m very proud of Christie’s hat (the hand-painted Lamb’s Pride Bulky ski cap). Neither were of phenomenal difficulty, but they’re both nice, and I’d like to get some pics up.

We had an awesome New Year’s Day meal with several of our local knitters (and a couple of supportive—and hungry—spouses) in attendance, and Rob prepared some of my family’s traditional Southern New Year’s Day dishes. We had black-eyed peas, collard greens, mashed potatoes, cornbread, and fried chicken with peach cobbler for dessert. Yum. Yum. Everyone there, including a couple of fellow Southerners gave his efforts high marks, and I have to admit that the collards may well have been the best I’ve ever eaten. Sorry, Granny, but you’d have loved them, too.

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