I finished something. Number Six (the hand-painted Lamb’s Pride Bulky ski cap) was finished on Christmas Eve, and I gave it to a friend that we were visiting for the holiday. She loved it, I was wonderfully gratified, and I FINISHED A PROJECT.

So I’ve been working on Rob’s toe-up Mountain Colors Christmas socks since then. On Christmas day, I got one foot finished and got onto the leg, stopped, pulled from the opposite end of the ball and started the second foot. I finished the second foot last night, and I’m most of the way up the gusset, now. If we stay in this evening, I should be able to get them finished. We’ve slated some workshops and classes for January, but I’m not sure if I should participate in the new projects or continue to finish off older stuff.

I’m also working through Deborah Chandler’s Learning to Weave, so I may just continue to finish off older projects and leave the new ventures to the loom. I’ll post photos as they become available.

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