It’s true that I’m no longer affiliated with ThreadBear Fiber Arts Studio. There is loss involved. I suspect that it will take a while to work through that loss, but I’m well, the dogs are well, and we’re all moving on.

Beyond that, I’m in the first hour of my first real Saturday off in what seems like forever. I just got back in from a little light grocery shopping, and I’ve got onions, mushrooms, and ham for an omelet and a nice whole wheat bread for toast. I plan on mowing the lawn, cleaning house a bit, folding some laundry, and maybe even getting a little knitting done. I also have several videos that are due tomorrow that I’ve yet to watch, and I expect I’ll run those while I’m folding and knitting.

Sound boring? Then you’ve obviously never worked years on end of six day workweeks that always… always included both Saturday and Sunday. It’s amazing what you can look forward to when you’ve lived without it for a while.

So, I’ve acquired a little bit of my life back. I’m also unemployed with two dogs to feed, and sometime soon, I get to move. It’s not an ideal situation, but I am excited. I’ve always been a fan of change, and this change, while bittersweet, is for the best.

Stay tuned for updates regarding food and cooking, my knitting (of course), the dogs, the move, and the hunt for an employed October. Light a candle, say a prayer, and come back to see me soon.

12 thoughts on “Starting fresh”

  1. Wow, Matt. Good luck with the changes and job searching and all. I’m . . . rather stunned.
    Hope I see you around somewhere- the doggie boys too. Threadbear won’t be the same without them and you.

    Julie LW

  2. maaaaaah!
    maggie came running downstairs to tell me this morning. we both completely fell out. but despite the frustration, hurt, and uncertainty, change is good, matt. we wish you the best of luck! i know you will do great.
    you’ve got mad skillz, so i do not worry about your work situation. everyone i know in web development and programming work remotely these days. i’ll keep my grubby tentacles out on the interwebs for any opportunities i can find. i’ve always been hopeful to work at authorhouse again, to have queef telling us to do something the wrong way and us doing it the right way anyway. or maybe i should get a colonoscopy instead. very simliar experiences indeed.
    regardless, you’ll do awesome.
    go kick some ass, mister,
    (and the heathens)

  3. Oh wow! Boy do I know how to relish a late morning – good for you. I know this is a difficult time – I’ll continue to pray as always. I know, without a doubt, you’ll do just fine and things will work out.

    Keep the faith,

  4. Matt,

    I was stunned to hear this news, and so sad. ThreadBear won’t be the same without you (and the dogs), but I hope that this was for the best and you find happiness wherever you are.


  5. Matt – I will miss you so much. Please let everyone know where you end up and what you are doing. Maybe we could meet for coffee and knitting sometime. Lots and lots of good thoughts your way. RuthAnn

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