Yes, my mother is Mary, and I’ve received my orders. My niece is preggers with number two, and Maw-maw is hoping for a girl to knit for. I can understand that. For the time being, though, she’s looking for a textured baby blanket. She wants heirloom quality, and it needs to make sense for a baby being born in a Georgia autumn. A light-weight wool is great, but it needs to be baby-soft, too.

Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. I recently picked up a King Cole pattern that sounds like it may be what you are looking for. If you go to King Cole yarns and download their pattern book, its on page 28. The pattern is number 2793. I did a print screen for you, but it doesn’t work here in the comments section.

  2. UPDATE: While quite accomplished for her time knitting, Mother Mary is a novice knitter branching into intermediate. She is capable of quite a lot, actually, but she’s more comfortable with a basic fabric for the center and maybe some detail on the edge. My thoughts ran toward Nicky Epstein, but I’ve not investigated that further.

  3. Try this one from Ravelry. Check other porject pictures

    I am working on my second one. Great because if you are not sure on yarn quantity, just knit until it runs out. But with you haveing an entire yarn shop, this should not be a problem. There is a problem with the instructions, but it is a 19 stitch repeat not 17 as listed. So just 4 more rows and it works just fine

  4. My mom made the boys a Blue Sky Alpaca Blanket from one of their patterns (I forget the exact name- but it has a hat in the pattern too and a sweater I think) using the organic cotton – nice texture that the boys love and easy enough for my mom while dad was in the hospital – it has been washed a zillion times and still looks fab and they still remain their blankies they take to bed.

  5. Hi,
    One suggestion for the blanket: If you look on the lasted post of brooklyntweed’s bog ( he just finished an heirloom baby blanket that is garter stitch on the bias then feather and fan edging in knitpicks City Tweed Dk, maybe made in another color/yarn for a baby girl would be great. It’s gorgeous!

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