Ok. The first person who asks if my fat a$$ is actually running marathon gets whacked in the head with a drop spindle. No, the point is that I’ve been trying a) to work harder in 2007, and more importantly b) to work smarter. I’m actually getting much more accomplished, but I have not, yet, actually chosen to spend less time doing work.

So, here’s what I’ve accomplished this week at ThreadBear:

  • reinstituted Up Close area where I put together colorways for popular projects (some may remember that I used to do a lot of custom colorways, but the demand just got to be way more than I was able to handle on top of my other responsibilities; Up Close gave me the opportunity to play with color and get other work done),
  • posted the Colinette Jitterbug page,
  • posted the Vermont Organic Fiber Co. O-Wool page,
  • got more of the Class Schedule posted… yes, that means there’s still more to come,
  • purchased a new large table, two new small tables, and a new shelf for the Schaefer Yarns Open House this weekend,
  • rearranged the Handpaints Island (also for the Open House),
  • updated the New Yarns & Things and Spotlight on Classes listings on the front page, and
  • ran out at the last minute this morning to pick up some gorgeous glassware from Pier 1 at 50% off to display the new drop spindles that we just got in from Grafton Fibers.

Oh, and this afternoon, I posted here. So there. 😉

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