Well, at this point, I’m sure everyone has heard that we’re moving to Michigan, so I won’t dwell on that. If you haven’t heard, check out Rob‘s recent posts.

As for me, I’m gearing up for the last big push before the move. I’ve put color consultations on hold until we get more Koigu in stock (much to Taiu’s amazement—she called freaking out when I put up the notice. Apparently, she misunderstood and was afraid I’d just stopped doing them altogether), so I’m off to Lansing Tuesday to get started on painting, laying of flooring, and generally getting the shop space ready to move into.

I think I’ll be camping out with friends until the house is ready, but wait… you’ve seen the shop space, but you haven’t seen our house.

Our new digs

They’re finishing up construction now, and we should be able to move in about the time the shop opens. We’re right on Grand River in Old Town Lansing, and the views are amazing.

Southern view off the back deck

Northern view off the back deck

Now, I just have to worry about getting the spaces ready and getting us moved. After that, maybe I’ll get a rest. I think I could stand just working on Charlottes (and Keepsakes) for a while after that. Sheesh! By then, color work will be a vacation! 😉

Other than that, I got an interesting bit of e-mail in one of the many groups that I belong to today. Apparently, there’s a new Yahoo! group called Knitting for Kerry. Now, I’ve about decided that I’m actually a Libertarian, but I’m also a realist. A Libertarian candidate has about as much chance of becoming President in 2004 as I do of becoming a father. Anyway, check out the links, and make sure you’re registered to vote!!

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