AAaahh!! It’s been nearly a week since I blogged, and I’m going nuts with all this stuff running through my head that I haven’t had a chance to expel via the net. You did realize that you’re all my fiber therapists, right? Or is that bartenders? Ah, figure it out yourself. I’m more concerned with my knitting.

First of all the Asymetrical Vest (sorry, but I just hate that. Wouldn’t it be Asymetric?) is on temporary hold. I had to work on the Philosopher’s Sweater over the weekend and on Monday night for our Philosopher’s group, and last night was our biweekly trek over to Columbus, Indiana for their knit night. Our friend, Christi Hand, started the group, and we really have enjoyed supporting her and some of the new knitters in that area. Plus, it’s one more night that someone else is in the responsible role, and we get to just roll in and roll out. <sigh> I can’t tell you how nice that can be when you live in your yarn shop.

Anyway, our Sock-It-To-Me sock group is this coming Monday night, and we’re making toe-up socks this month. We’re using Wendy Johnson’s (of Wendyknits! and Knitty fame) "wendy’s toe-up sock pattern" at my suggestion, so guess who’s leading this project. Eek! I started the first toe last night in Columbus in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in the Aslan colorway. The yarn was a gift from Rob… for our anniversary? my birthday? Valentine’s Day? oh, well—far enough back that I don’t recall. I just hadn’t decided exactly what I wanted to make from the yarn which (despite my lust for color) I really think is subtly gorgeous. You’ll have to watch the progress on this one, folks. It’s going to be a trick for me to get at least one of the socks finished before Monday. It’s Wendy’s pattern, but I can’t match her speed for the life of me.

Yes, Jan. That’s your Koigu on the desk. We’ll get it out asap. 😉 Those are the colors that I’d have chosen for you, too, but I didn’t want to sway you. Oh, I’m going to embarrass you, now. (Don’t you just love how I decide that mid-paragraph.) Friends and neighbors, the two skeins of handpaint in the background of the photo above are for our dearly departed knitting friend, Jan. No, she’s not dead. She just moved back East, and we miss her terribly. Fortunately, we still keep in touch, and she’s about to start Joe’s Koigu Scarf that he made for Wendy in the two colorways pictured. How she has time for the scarf when I’m relatively certain that she hasn’t been knitting on her Philosopher’s sweater, I don’t know, but I suspect I’ll be hearing about it shortly. <evil grin> Love you, Jan. I’ll be looking forward to seeing pics of that sweater soon.

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