Yes, it’s Monday, and yes, I’m engaging in awfully wishful thinking to call it a good morning. Whatha gonna do?

It was, at least, a good weekend. I worked as much as possible on my Philosopher’s sweater, and probably got about an inch knit. Oh, the joys of a fifty-some-odd inch chest. Fortunately, the sweater is gorgeous, so it’s fun knitting. We also have our monthly Philosopher’s Sweater support group and dinner (not necessarily in that order) tonight, so I’m looking forward to that. RJ (that’s Rob– mah hunny, for the uninitiated) is making Chicken Saltimbaca, and I’ve already gotten much of the cleaning done, so I should be able to relax and knit a while tonight.

Rob and I also put together a couple of colorways for Rambling Rows Afghans over the weekend and took inventory of ThreadBear stock. Can I just say that we’ve got entirely too much yarn? It’s wonderful to have on hand, and I love the business– it really is sinful how much fun it is– but DANG, we’ve got a lot of yarn. What’s on the site is a lot, but what isn’t on the site yet is more. I’ve yet to get the Cascade Pastaza, Sierra, or Leisure imaged and online. Also, none of the Brown Sheep (that includes Lamb’s Pride Worsted and Bulky, Original Handpaints, and Nature Spun) is up yet. It isn’t that I wouldn’t like to have it up, but there have just been too many irons in the fire.

To which, Rob lovingly said, "bah, humbug." Ok. He didn’t literally say, "bah, humbug." So few people do, really. What he did say was that I spend entirely too much time doing a bunch of things that I think everyone else expects me to do and not nearly enough time doing the things that truly fulfill me. Now I’m not going to say that scanning, cropping, and page building is terribly exciting, but working on ThreadBear development is. And he knows it. And now, I’ve started realizing it. It was one of those forest and the trees kind of situations.

So, here’s the point. Yes, I will be spending more time developing the fiber artist within. Yes, I will stop worrying so much about what’s expected and start spending more time on what I need to get done. What does that mean? For the time being, it means it’s not such a bad morning after all.

Thanks, Babe.

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