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Women’s Interaction Survey

Monday, I posted a survey asking where women interact.  It’s an informal thing, but I’m curious.  I had a belief based on anecdotal evidence, and no one really seemed to disagree dramatically.  I’d been led to believe that women didn’t spend a lot of time socializing outside work and home, and while my point was certainly not proven, the survey suggested that, of the respondents, most interact with other women primarily at work (17% of the 126 respondents… and no, at that number, I can draw no real assumptions).  10% responded that their primary social outlets were in their own, friends’, or family’s homes.  That seemed to compare as expected against the work numbers.

I may have botched the numbers significantly with two similar responces:  Regularly scheduled needle- or fiber-arts social group (12%) and Needle- or fiber-arts guild meeting (7%).  I intended these to be separate things, but on second reading, I can see how they’d overlap.  It’s a significant number, though, regardless.  The two combined would overwhelm the leading work response.  And 8% listed a local yarn shop as their social outlet of choice.

6% Children’s school, sporting, or artistic events
6% Dining out
5% Non-fiber-related club or organization meeting
5% Theater or cinema outings
4% Yarn shop to which you travel more than a half-hour
4% Place of worship
4% Bookstore
3% Gym or exercise
3% Other answer…
2% Charitable work
2% Bar, pub, or nightclub
2% Bridge or other gaming group
1% Shopping
1% School (as a student)

Responses for Other include:  on a walk, regularly scheduled non-needle- or fiber- group, coffee shop, and, of course, all of the above.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think these numbers reasonable reflect where women get their social interacting done?  Is it happening more frequently online now?  Am I missing anything obvious?  I’m genuinely interested in this being a dialogue.  Please, jump in.

Quick side note:  I’m really glad to see that the bridge or gaming group got some votes.  As a board and card game enthusiast myself, I sometimes feel like a dying breed.