Matt Waldrop is a fiber artist, web developer, and entrepreneur. Within the American hand-knitting industry, Matt has developed and operated a successful yarn shop, taught numerous knitting and concept classes, coordinated and managed numerous successful in-store events for fiber artists, worked as a sales rep for several well-known wholesalers, and has managed chain accounts for a growing chain-side wholesaler. He is currently working on a book of knitting patterns for men’s garments.

Matt lives with a roommate and four frighteningly bad-ass chihuahuas in Charlotte, NC. Well, let’s say three easily led chihuahuas and one bad-ass little mama dog.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Sharon and I have missed you dearly…we were speaking of you this am, and I googled you and I FOUND YOU :>)
    Sent your blog link to Sharon, so I assume you’ll be hearing from her too.
    PLEASE look for another knitting place for employment, (we love our lessons!!!)
    Hope all is well.

  2. Hi Matt,
    I miss you. I haven’t asked about your whereabout at the store for fear of being awkward. I would love to knit with you. Is there a group that you knit with that meets somewhere? If not, maybe you should suggest one. Charlotte asked about you as well and expressed concern that you could just disappear. I hope not.

    Charlotte just called to tell me you are on Facebook. I am so glad that we have found you!!!

    Wishing you love, luck, and happiness, Sharon

  3. Hi Matt,

    I found you! Miss you dearly. I don’t get to Lansing much, but hope all is going well for you. Let me know if you are ever going to get to the Ann Arbor area. I’d love to see you. All the best – Carol

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