Cookie monster

Ok. I’m a fan.

I’ve always liked Cookie, but actually spending some time with her last night in the car riding back from Grand Rapids and today in the store, I’m hooked. It’s amazing to me having worked in academic and corporate offices to be in an industry so incredibly packed with wonderful, creative, and both wonderful and creative people.

I flipped through the calendar for the next several weeks, and I’m excited to meet Lynne Vogel next week. Meg Manning’s here a couple of weeks later with Chris de Longpre here immediately on her heels. The following week, we get to spend Rob’s birthday (All Saints Day) with Robyn Chachula. Arnhild Hillesland is here the following week (YAY!), and Jillian Moreno is here the week after that! AH!!! I’m on awesome people overload! I look back at my corporate life and wonder how they do it. How do people get this fortunate?

We’re headed out for Thai tonight, but in the meantime, I’m trying to get my pullover pattern from the recent shop hop finalized so I can get that out to the participants who’ve been waiting for it for three weeks now. Fortunately, the dogs are sleeping, and Rob’s busy, so I should be able to get it finished without too much interruption.

Substitute goods

Um… WordPress ate my blog. I’m currently going through the nasty experience of trying to get help from my service provider, but at the moment, about six years of Crowing Ram are in limbo. I have faith that everything will be fine shortly, but until then, I’ll keep you posted.

For the moment, I’m finalizing my tasks in the office in preparation for a trip to Grand Rapids to pick up Cookie A from the airport. WOOHOO!! She’ll be in the shop for classes over the weekend, and we’re delighted to get to spend the time with her.

Back with you soon with pics and projects. You won’t believe what I’ve done to my poor unsuspecting socks.